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Pharmaceutics Research Lab

The Pharmaceutics Research Lab serves as a dynamic hub of innovation and scientific exploration within the pharmaceutical field. Here, dedicated researchers and scientists labor tirelessly to advance our understanding of drug formulation, delivery systems, and pharmacokinetics. Through meticulous experimentation and cutting-edge technologies, the lab endeavors to develop novel drug formulations that enhance drug efficacy, reduce side effects, and improve patient compliance. It is a place where the intricacies of pharmaceutical compounds are unraveled, where innovative drug delivery methods are conceived, and where the bridge between pharmaceutical theory and practical application is continually reinforced. The Pharmaceutics Research Lab stands as a testament to the unwavering commitment to improving healthcare and the relentless pursuit of pharmaceutical excellence.

Some of the common equipment available in Pharmaceutics Research labs include:
• UV-Visible Spectrophotometer: This instrument measures the absorption of ultraviolet and visible light by drug compounds, aiding in the characterization and quantification of substances.
• Particle Size Analyzer: Used to determine the particle size distribution of drug particles, which is crucial for optimizing drug formulations.
• Dissolution Testing Apparatus: These devices evaluate the rate at which a drug dissolves, providing critical information about drug release profiles.
• Freeze Dryer (Lyophilizer): Used for freeze-drying pharmaceutical products, preserving them for long-term storage without the need for refrigeration.
• Microscopes: Microscopes with different magnification capabilities help in the examination of drug formulations at the micro and nano levels.
• Tablet Press: Used for the compression of powdered drug formulations into tablet forms.
• Capsule Filling Machine: This equipment is used to fill capsules with drug formulations, particularly in the case of oral dosage forms.
• Extruders and Spheronizers: These are used for the production of spherical granules and pellets, which are commonly used in controlled-release drug formulations.
• Mixers and Blenders: Essential for the uniform mixing of various components in drug formulations.
• Autoclaves and Sterilizers: Used for sterilizing equipment and media, ensuring the safety of research involving microorganisms.
• Fermenters and Bioreactors: For research involving the production of biopharmaceuticals, including vaccines and antibodies.
• Tissue Culture Facilities: These include incubators, laminar flow hoods, and microscopes for cell culture-based research.
• Liquid Handling Systems: Automated systems for precise dispensing and handling of liquids in high-throughput experiments.
• Environmental Chambers: These maintain controlled temperature and humidity conditions for stability studies.
• Safety Cabinets: Used for handling hazardous materials safely, such as potent drug compounds or cytotoxic agents.
• Lab Scale Extruders and Mixers: Equipment for small-scale formulation development and optimization.
• Analytical Balances: Highly accurate balances for measuring small quantities of substances.

Pharmacology Research Lab

Pharmacology Research Lab in Punjab Multipurpose Medical Institute is a specialized facility where students and researchers conduct investigations related to the effects and mechanisms of drugs and other substances on biological systems.
This lab plays a crucial role in drug development, toxicology studies, and understanding how drugs interact with the body. Pharmacology Research Lab is essential for advancing students understanding of how drugs work, their safety profiles, and their potential applications in medicine. Lab is at the forefront of drug discovery and development, contributing to the development of new medications and therapies while ensuring their safety and efficacy.

Here are some of the key equipment and instruments available in a Pharmacology Research Lab:
• Pharmacological Test Apparatus: Specialized equipment for studying the effects of drugs on various biological systems, such as isolated organ baths and isolated tissue preparations.
• Behavioral Testing Equipment: For assessing the effects of drugs on behavior in animal models, particularly in neuroscience and psychology research.
• Analytical Balances: Highly precise balances are used for measuring small quantities of drugs and reagents.
• Histology Equipment: For preparing and analyzing tissue samples, including microtomes and staining facilities.
• Environmental Chambers: These maintain controlled temperature and humidity conditions for experiments involving living organisms.
• Data Analysis Software: Specialized software for analyzing experimental data, especially in pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics studies.

Pharmaceutical Chemistry Research Lab

Pharmaceutical Chemistry Research Lab in Punjab Multipurpose Medical Institute is a specialized facility where students and researchers conduct investigations related to the chemical aspects of pharmaceuticals.
This lab plays a critical role in drug discovery, development, analysis, and quality control. Pharmaceutical Chemistry Research Lab is a critical facility for advancing drug discovery, ensuring drug quality, and conducting research into the chemical properties of pharmaceutical compounds.

Pharmaceutical Analysis Research Lab

The course is designed to impart the knowledge in the field of Pharmaceutical Analysis. It will be concerned with the theory and practice of instrumental methods for the separation, identification and quantitative analysis of chemical substances. The various modern analytical techniques like UV-Visible, IR Spectroscopy, and different chromatographic methods like GC, HPLC and other important topics are taught to enable the students to understand and apply the principles involved in the analysis of different bulk drugs and their formulation. In addition to the theoretical aspects, the basic practical knowledge relevant to the analysis is also imparted. It will also provide the student with an appreciation of the relative strengths and limitations of different instrumental based analysis methods.


Punjab Multipurpose Medical Institute has a museum that displays various pharmaceutical dosage forms separately, including solid dosage forms (Tablets, Capsules – Various Brands of Medicines for Different Diseases), semisolid dosage forms (Ointments, Creams, Gels, Suspensions – Various Brands of Medicines for Different Diseases), and liquid dosage forms (Solutions, Emulsions, Suspension – Various Brands of Medicines for Different Diseases).

Seminar Hall

Seminar halls in Punjab Multipurpose Medical Institute serve a variety of important purposes for students, contributing significantly to their education, professional development, and overall college experience.. They offer a platform for learning, skill development, networking, and exposure to the pharmacy profession’s diverse aspects, ultimately preparing students for successful s in pharmacy and related fields.


The library of Punjab Multipurpose Medical Institute has important role in supporting higher education as well as research activities in Pharmacy. The college has a large, well-stocked Library with more than 5600 books of all the Pharmaceutical departments with different sections made department wise. The library is a Digital Library with internet facility for students inside the library. The Library has a separate, peaceful reading room in which 60 students can read at a time. Different National dailies, professional, Medical and Pharmaceutical Journals are subscribed regularly in the library. The library has subscribed National journals and International journals. The Librarian is assisted by qualified Library Staff Members and Library attendants.
Library collection mainly includes books/journals in Pharmaceutics, Pharmacy, Chemistry, Pharmacology, Pharmacognocy, Pharmacy Management & related subjects; Reference sources like Indian Pharmacopeia, Manuals etc. Library has good collection of old Reference Books & Bound Volumes of Journals. At present the Library has collection of books, national & international Journals.

Computer lab

Computer lab in Punjab Multipurpose Medical Institute is a vital resource for pharmacy students and faculty, supporting their educational and research needs by providing access to specialized software, databases, and online resources essential for the study and practice of pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences.


Hygienic food is available in canteens and in food courts. The belly rules the mind .so we should satisfy our belly with best food, Our canteens are known for their nutritious and tasty food. Apart from meals Many varieties that includes fruits, fast food, juices, all will be available affordable by students.

Medicinal Plant Garden

Medicinal Garden at Punjab Multipurpose Medical instituteis having well maintained medicinal plants for Research and Pharmacognostic study. It is a quiet place for communion, and a learning place for all who visit, work, and study on our campus. The herbal garden also provides students with an opportunity to gain hands-on experience gathering and tending medicinal plants and offers a living example of many of the herbal medicines used in the Ayurveda. The garden includes everything from small herbaceous plants and vines to shrubs and trees, annuals to perennials, natives and non-natives over 100 medicinal plant species.